Recent Study Shows Fiber Can Lower Your Risk Of Dying

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By now most of us know that fiber is a good thing. Here is what it can do:

1. Improves digestion by adding stool bulk allowing your bowel movements to pass quickly and effectively.

2. Some fiber adds prebiotics adding good bacteria to your digestion.

3. It improves blood sugar control (this is important for those with or at-risk of diabetes)

4. Adds bulk to your diet without adding calories making you feel full (great for weight loss)

However, it is also important to know the differences between good fiber (soluble) and not so good (insoluble). If you are the type of person who reads labels, then you always want to check to see if it has soluble or insoluble fiber:

Soluble means the body can easily break it down. A good analogy would be that if you add water to it, it will dissolve (soluble).

Insoluble means it is hard to breakdown and wont dissolve as easily. This type of fiber can get stuck to your intestines.

Recent Study

Studies show that those with the highest intake of fiber have a significantly lower risk of dying of any cause. A recently published study by the National Cancer Institute that included almost 400,000 participants found that for every 10-gram increase in fiber intake, risk of death dropped 12% in men and 15% in women.

So why the sudden decrease? Because our digestion make sup 70% of our health. When our digestion system is so focused on the food it is breaking down, it can’t do other things allowing illness and disease to set it.

So make sure you get good “soluble” fiber in your system to keep things moving!

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