Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a natural gift idea for your family or friends? Below are a list of some items we think would make a great gift for someone who cares about their health:

Danielle & Company

Think spa, think eco-friendly, think luxury.  Wrap yourself in our Deluxe Eco Luxury Spa Gift Set from Danielle and Company.  A beautiful combination of our Organic Candle, Organic Shea Body Wash, and Organic Hand and Body Lotion exclusively paired with eco-friendly bath accessories to include: Loofah Bath Sponge, EcoPumice Smoothing Stone, EcoPouf Bath Sponge and Bamboo Nail Brush.  This gift set allows you to select your scent from our 10 signature scents and will be presented beautifully in our oval tin tub adorned with our sophisticated grosgrain ribbon. The perfect gift for you or someone you know! $50.00. To learn more go here.

Jess’ Bee Natural

Jess’ Bee Natural is a natural business specializing in high quality skin care. Our lip balms and lotions are produced in small batches using some of nature’s purest ingredients known for their moisturizing, healing, and soothing capabilities. Ingredients like rich organic shea butter, all natural beeswax, vitamin E, and the purest essential oils ensure that you are only putting the best on your skin. All of our products are hand poured to ensure every batch is perfect. To learn more go here


The Natural Stomach Solution

Do you or a loved one suffer from some form of digestive health issues such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), crohns, disease, ulcerative colitis, stomach aches or cramps, bloating, colon cancer, acid reflux, diverticulitis, or celiac disease? Well then you are in luck because after 3 painstaking years of suffering from digestive health issues, Sara Thompson has not only cured her IBS and crohns disease, but has put together her entire system from start to finish so that anyone can easily follow it without having to think. Don’t let the medical community fool you into thinking you have to take drugs or get surgery, you can heal your tummy all naturally and live a normal life. To learn more go here.

Savory Raw Dinner Recipes

Have you or a loved one been thinking about eating more raw foods but just lost or confused on how to go about it? Many people think that eating raw food is just about eating salads and fruit and this is not true! Now more than ever their are tasty recipes and methods for eating raw and having yummy food. In Veronica’s book you will get 10 savory recipes. These new recipes have been designed to be as tasty AND as healthy as possible to appeal to your taste buds! They’re the perfect compromise between ultra-low fat and simple recipes that can be repetitive over time, and ultra-gourmet recipes that are too complicated and high in fat. To learn more go here.

MP3 Meditation Club

Have you been wanting to try out meditation but have a hard time sitting there? Meditation is one of the best ways to lower stress and ease anxiety without the use of drugs yet so many people struggle with getting their start. There are MP3 audio programs that produce certain sounds and frequencies that penetrate the subconscious mind and make it much easier for you to learn mediation and they are called binaural beats. These beats calm your mind and allow you to focus on your breath and not get distracted if you were just trying to meditate on your own. With the MP3 meditation club, you can access the benefits of mediation within minutes and start to feel less stress. To learn more go here

Vision Without Glasses

Did you know that there is a natural way to improve your eyesight without wearing glasses or eye contacts? In fact, did you know that glasses and eye contacts can actually damage your eyes even more? Sounds hard to believe right? The truth is that if you have poor eyesight, this is due to a lack of certain nutrients in your body along with some other issues that can be cured naturally. When you wear eyeglasses or contacts, you actually are using a crutch for your eyes which makes them more dependent on those things instead of allowing your body to fix your eyes on their own. With proper nutrition and certain exercises, you can have your eyesight back without having to wear glasses or contacts. To learn more go here.

Ta’i Chi For Life

Give the gift of peace and vitality by helping your loved one learn the ancient art of Tai Chi. For thousands of years the Chinese have been practicing this art to help them alleviate stress, worry, anxiety, etc…Tai Chi is the art of balancing movement and breath so that you can find your center and calm your mind. However many people have a hard time finding classes in their area. With Tai Chi for life, the course and material offers very descriptive and illustrated artwork that make it very easy for the person reading it to follow along. In Less Than 10-Minutes Per Day, T’ai Chi Can 
Help You Get Back In Shape, Sort Out Your Diet And 
Give You A Balanced Exercise Routine Where You Don’t Even Get Out Of Breath! To learn more go here.

The Unexplainable Store

If you are familiar with The Secret and The Law Of Attraction then this is for you! Have you ever wanted to learn astral projection, lucid dreaming, chakra opening, aura viewing, how to manifest your reality, and all other sorts of alternative “fun stuff”? Well now you can with the easy to use products from the Unexplainable Store. With these simple to use audio programs (binaural beats), you can tap into your subconscious mind and learn how to access what so many of us are unaware of. To learn more go here

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