Brands Who Supported Our Rights To Know About GMO’s

Yesterday we posted a page that listed all the brands who spent a combined $46 Million dollars to ensure we would not know if foods are genetically modified and you can find it here. Today we want to give respect to those companies who spent money out of their own pocket to support our right to know if foods are GMO.

Although we did not win, we want to thank each one of these companies from the bottom of our heart for their good efforts. These companies spent a combined $9 Million dollars to fight OUR CAUSE. Please take a few minutes out of your day to visit their Facebook page and just say thank you.

Eden Foods – Facebook Page

Clif Bar – Facebook Page

Lundberg – No Facebook Page (

Dr Bronners – Facebook Page

Frey Vineyards – Facebook Page

Nutiva – Facebook Page

Stonyfield Farms – Facebook Page

Organic Valley – Facebook Page

Udi’s Bakery – Facebook Page

Sambazon – Facebook Page

New Chapter – Facebook Page

Pacific Natural Foods – Facebook Page

Earthbound Farms – Facebook Page

Late July – Facebook Page

Applegate – Facebook Page

Frontier Coop – Facebook Page

Amy’s Kitchen – Facebook Page

Aubrey Organics – Facebook Page

Mary’s Gone Crackers – Facebook Page

Traditional Medicinals – Facebook Page

Earth Balance – Facebook Page

Glutino – Facebook Page

Wholesome Sweeteners – Facebook Page

Sun Food – No Facebook (

Please contact these companies and let them know how grateful you are for them spending their own money to fight this good cause.

Here is a list of the brands who spent $46 Million so that you would NOT know if foods are GMO.

Here is an article on how to read current labels to see if foods are GMO or not.

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