An Easy Way To Tell If Your Food Is GMO

With the whole craze about GMO’s, it can be quite confusing to tell which foods from our grocer are genetically modified and which ones are not. Basically there are three types of food:

Conventional – This means it was sprayed with pesticides

Organic – This means it was not sprayed with pesticides

GMO – This means that science intervened and engineered the seeds.

So what is the easiest way to tell if foods at your grocery have been altered?

This is a good start: Next time you decide to purchase that apple or cut a slice out of that melon, consider the PLU sticker. This sticker will tell you whether the fruit was organically grown, genetically modified, or produced with chemical fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides.

Here is how the sticker breaks down:

organic food

PLU stickers that have 4 digits and begin with a “3″ or “4″: produce is conventionally grown. This means that this produce was sprayed with weed killers and chemical pesticides. Here is what they look like:

PLU stickers that have 5-digits and start with “9″: produce was raised organically. You can be sure that this produce was not treated with any chemicals. Here is what they look like:
organic food
PLU stickers that have 5-digits and start with “8″: produce was genetically engineered (man intervened by manipulating the genes to produce a larger or brighter colored food). This produce may have been chemically treated. Here is what they look like:

So the next time you are at your grocery, make sure to look for the PLU number and you can tell if it has been genetically modified or not. If the food has been and this concerns you, let the store manager know you will not purchase any GMO foods. When store managers hear enough people say this, they will begin to refuse this food from their distributors.
Here is a list of the brands and their Facebook pages who spent $46 MILLION dollars so that you would not know about GMO’s.

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