Brands Who Supported Prop 37

As Prop 37 did not pass, how would you like to know which food companies spent so much money to ensure that YOU THE CONSUMER would not know if their food is genetically modified? You would be surprised to know that these companies spent a combined $46,000,000 to ensure that you would not know and that many of them are “natural” brands.

Below is a list of brands that gave money to fight against your right to know. Next to their logo is a link to their Facebook page. Please comment on their page and let them know you are upset with them and that you will not buy their products anymore. Even if you never did, these companies DO NOT like to hear that they are losing customers.

Note: At the bottom of this article is a link where you can read a brief tutorial on how to read current labels to see if the food is GMO.

1. Back To Nature – No Facebook Page or contact info

2. Ben & Jerry’s – Facebook Page

3. Cascadian Farms – Facebook Page

4. Heinz – Facebook Page

5. Honest Tea – Facebook Page

6. Horizon Organic – Facebook Page

7. Monsanto – Facebook Page (leave a comment in a post)

8. Izze – Facebook Page

9. Kashi – Facebook Page

10. LaraBar – Facebook Page

11. RW Knudsen – Facebook Page

12. Santa Cruz – Facebook Page

13. Silk Soy – Facebook Page

14. Naked Juice – Facebook Page

15. Welch’s – Facebook Page

16. Morning Star – No Facebook Page or contact email

17. Gardenburger – Facebook Page (They are owned by Kelloggs)

18. Goya Foods – No Facebook page but here is their contact info

Please contact all these companies and tell them you are no longer buying their products. Even if you do not buy them, they do NOT like to hear that they are losing customers. So just say you are not going to buy them even if you don’t already purchase their products.

Want to know how to read current labels to see if foods are GMO? Go here to read this tutorial.

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