How To Make Dr Oz’s Tangerine Metabolism Boosting Drink

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Its that time of year where people start making new years resolutions and want to start losing weight.  Here is a great simple and natural recipe from Dr. Oz on creating a drink that will boost your metabolism:


Step 1 – Get yourself a large pitcher to make everything in.

Step 2 – Make 8 cups of organic green tea and pour it into the pitcher.

Step 3 – Slice up one tangerine and add to pithcer

Step 4 – Add a small handful of mint leaves

Step 5 – Stir it up really well and drink (try to drink a pitcher a day)

Note: If you want to kick it up a notch add some fresh squeezed lemon juice and this will help your liver. Why is this important? Because your liver plays a big part in breaking down fats. Here is a great video that explains how this works and offers a great weight loss tip.

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