Do Not Donate To These Well-Known Charities


As the holidays are upon us, the donation game is big business and many charities are doing everything they can to try and get you to donate to them. And while it is great to support worthwhile charities, some of these organizations are known to pray on those who may not know better.

So many of us assume that because it is a charitable organization, that they must be doing good. In a world where greed does not exist, this would be true. Unfortunately, we still live in a world that comes from a fear-based mentality and feel that they need to manipulate people to get what they want.

We recently came across two organizations and they are the SPCA International and Disabled Veterans National Foundation.



The SPCA International is an organization that says it rescues animals from war torn countries. The Disabled Veterans National Foundation says it helps disabled veterans. Both are lies.

What these organizations have been caught doing is:

1. Pocketing monies that are donated.

2. Sending items as “help” that are useless and invaluable to those who they say they help.

However, we recently came across a report from CNN where they confront the head of the organization in a bold face lie where they found that they raised $27 million dollars and $23 million was funneled to their own private company!

Here is the video from CNN:

Once again please note there is the ASPCA which is NOT associated with this organization. If you want to express your concern to the SPCA International, here is their Facebook page. You will notice they have removed their comment feed but you can still leave comments in their posts. Or you can send them an email using this form.

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation is another scam where they play off of the well-known and truster Disabled American Veterans name knowing that some people will confuse the two. This organization has raised over $55 million for veterans and $0 has supported veterans!

Here is the video from CNN:

If you would like to express your concern please visit their Facebook page here. Or you can email them here

This holiday season, if you are going to donate money make sure it is a reputable organization that actually gives the support they say they do. If you are not sure and you live in the USA, you can check Charity Navigator. If you are in Canada, you can check Canada Helps.

Please share this with your friends and family so they know how they can support the right causes.

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