How To Make A Natural Decongestant Salve

natural cold remedy


It’s cold and flu season which means its time to start getting prepared so that we can take care of our own health. So many of us just run out and get drugs or other medicines. But the truth is, nature has given us everything we needed to do it ourselves!

If you live anywhere where it gets REALLY cold, then you know all too well that breathing easy can be a challenge. Our nose gets stuffy and our throat gets coated. This means we are goin

Natural Remedies For Puffiness Or Dark Circles Around The Eyes

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At a certain age, we all start to experience puffiness or dark circles around the eyes. If you search the web you will find all sorts of reasons why it happens and remedies. Here are the most common reasons why people get bags under their eyes:

  1. Fat under the eyes – Some of us are genetically prone to have fat under the eyes.
  2. Deviated septum – Your doctor can tell you if you have this.
  3. Fluid Retention – Your body is holding on to too much water
  4. Dehydration – Not drinking enough water
  5. Poor Diet – Are you eating lots of fast or processed foods?
  6. Not enough sleep – Most people are not getting enough sleep or “quality sleep”
  7. High sodium – Is your diet high in sodium?

So what are some natural solutions to ridding yourself of those bags under your eyes? Just remember that each solutions validity will be based on “why” it is happening for you. So you need to take the time to find out what is going on.

Raw potato – Slice it and put the inside (not skin) on your eyes. You want to cut the potato so that it will fit nicely around your eye

Cold Cucumber Slices – This is the most common used remedy. Sometimes it works and others not so much. Give it a try and see what happens!

Green Tea Ice Cube Wrapped In Gauze – Take some green tea and put it in an ice tray. Take that green tea ice cube, wrap it in some gauze, and then touch it under your eye.

Used Tea Bags (with caffeine) – Boil some water, put in one tea bag (black tea or something with caffeine, and once it has been soaked, use the tea bag and touch it under your eyes.

Lower Your Sodium Intake – If sodium is the reason, lower your intake.

Drink More Water – If you are dehydrated, drink more water. You can tell if you are dehydrated if your tongue is dry.

Sleep More – If you are not sleeping well, find a way to get better sleep.

Exercise So You Break A Sweat – Exercise is very important but you must break a sweat!

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6 Natural Remedies To Help The Cold & Flu Season

natural cold flu remedies


It’s that time of the year where everyone is going to start to get runny noses, cough, and eventually break down with the cold and flu. So what are some natural things you can do to help lower your risk of getting run down?

First and foremost, it is important that people understand that when our body starts to exhibit these symptoms, it is because our immune system is hitting its rock bottom. This can be brought on by stress, poor diet, not enough exercise, negative belief patterns, or not getting enough sleep.

Generally speaking, it is usually a culmination of a few of these things. Fortunately there are many things you can do to help alleviate this issue. First and foremost you must remember to breathe!

While it may sound obvious, many of us living the “city life” are running around like chickens with its head cut off. This means we don’t breathe at a normal and healthy pace. So make sure to breathe deep and at a nice pace.

Okay, now that we have you breathing well, our friends at have put together 6 things you can do to keep your family from getting a cold or flu and you can find it here.

How To Make Horehound Lozenges For Sore Throat, Coughs & Asthma

natural cold flu remedies

As the cold and flu season is upon us, people are going to be needing something to soothe their throat from all of the coughing. While there are many cough drops on the market, most of them are junk. But did you know you can make your own natural remedy?


Horehound is an herb that is part of the mint family and has many healing properties. Not only can it help with your sore throat, but it also helps with asthma, intestinal gas, nausea, jaundice, parasites, and many other common ailments.

In a post from they outline a great recipe on how to make your own horehound lozenges and you can find it here.

Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

natural acid reflux remedies

There is nothing worse then when your stomach starts to burn and churn with acid reflux. The truth is that if you were eating a pure diet of raw fruits and vegetables, this would not happen. But most people are not ready to make that leap yet. So what can you do?

The irony is that if you truly want to get rid of your acid reflux you will need to switch to eating mainly raw fruits and vegetables to help the issue subside. Fortunately you have many options in which you can ease your suffering and pain.

In a post from, the author points out Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Juice, Licorice Root, and Raw Sauerkraut, as natural remedies you can take that will offer you quick pain relief.

She also offers two recipes for how to make your own sauerkraut and a green juice that will help you get back on track. You can read the full recipe here.

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Does Your Baby Have A Sore Throat?

natural baby products

If your baby is starting to exude some symptoms of a cold or flu and has a sore throat, here is what you can do:

(Note: This is ONLY suitable if your child is 13 months or older)

Get some raw honey (1 teaspoon) and lemon, warm it up with some water (use a pot and not the microwave), and spoon feed it to your baby. This will help ease their throat and give them some vitamin C.

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Natural Remedies For Your Babies Teething Pain

Nothing breaks a mothers heart more than when you hear your baby cry. Your natural instinct is to just want to help them stop so they do not feel any pain or discomfort. But when your baby is teething, what can you do?

natural baby


1. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can start taking chamomile tea and catnip. This will get delivered to your baby through your milk and help ease their pain.


2. Try the homeopathic teething drops from Gentle Naturals. It contains chamomile to help soothe and calm your restless, irritable baby. It comes in a liquid form instead of tablets making it easy to administer for fast relief.

3. You can also try giving your baby unsulphured apple rings that they can teeth on.

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This Is Why Most People Are Sick

What many people are unaware of is the fact that most of our health issues stem from our stomach and digestion. When our stomach gets clogged and things are not “flowing” properly, our body starts to run sluggish and then sickness can set in.

Have you ever seen clogged pipes whether in your kitchen or your car? That is what’s happening inside you:



Just think about if you have ever had gas or experienced bloating, this is because your system is backed up. Our intestinal tract is 30 feet long which means there is a lot of room in there for things to get murky and sticky. Right now you have hardened food stuck to your intestinal walls sitting there and making it hard for you to process new food.

When your intestines get clogged, food is not being digested properly which means you:

  • Start to exprience low energy
  • Become foggy and forgetful
  • Experience moodswings
  • Are not absorbing nutrients properly
  • Can start to have skin issues such as acne
  • Gain weight
  • And much more
Almost all of the health ailments people experience is because of this one issue!

So what’s the answer?

First and foremost you need to start incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet. However, whole vegetables can be hard on the digestion to break down which is why I highly recommend using a Vitamix. This is a powerful blender that can juice whole vegetables without extracting the pulp.

Most juicers extract the pulp which means you do not get the fiber and other important nutrients.

However, a fast way to help you clean out your pipes is a product called Super Colon Cleanse. It’s a natural and safe way to help get things moving. Here is what you can do:

Step 1 – Heat up 8 ounces of water.

Step 2 – Pour 2 ounces of apple juice (for taste) and the warm water in a blender

Step 3 – Add 1 tablespoon of the Super Colon Cleanse

Step 4 – Add 1 tablespoon of Organic Olive Oil (cold pressed)

Step 5 – Blend it up and drink it


  1. Make sure to get the powder version of the Super Colon Cleanse because they also come in capsules. Those are okay for travel or if you are on the go, but you want the powder version as this works faster.
  2. Only add the olive oil 3x per week. This means every other day you will not add it and just do the colon cleanse alone.
  3. Heating up the water is important because the food that is stuck to your intestines is hard which means the warm water and olive oil will help soften it and get it moving out.
  4. After you finish the first bottle by taking it every day, after that you probably only need to do it a couple of times a week just to help keep things moving.

Final thoughts

Even though I mainly eat a raw fruit and vegetable diet, this product has helped me so much. I used to think I was fine and after taking this product I realized how much “stuff” is stuck in there and it needs to come out otherwise we get sick.

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Can A Sore Neck Be Causing Your Headache?

A headache generally starts because you are either stressed out, or you may have a pinched nerve or tightness in your neck and shoulder areas.



In the chiropractic world they call this a “subluxation” which basically means that your spine is out of alignment. When this happens, throbbing pain is sent up the spine causing a headache.

When your back, shoulders, neck, and spine are sore or out of alignment, the result is a headache. If you can afford it, you definitely want to get a massage and see a chiropractor.

But for some of us, getting a massage can be too expensive. The good news is that there is a great product on the market that is called the Thera Cane.

The Thera Cane is a self-massage tool that allows you to pinpoint certain spots on your neck, shoulders, and back and get in there and do your own massage.

The great thing is that you do NOT have to be strong to get great use from it. You literally find a spot on your neck, back, and shoulders and add a little pressure and this will help release it.

Is it as good as getting a real massage?

Yes and no.

A real massage allows you to just lay down while someone does all the work.

But, a massage therapist sometimes won’t spend as much time as you want in a certain area and they can be VERY expensive. This product is a little less than $40.

Here is a demo:

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Peppermint & Cinnamon For Driver Anxiety?

Chances are if you live in any city and drive a car, you can experience anxiety. But can peppermint and cinnamon oil help alleviate this?



Don’t head down the freeway on-ramp without first arming yourself with essential oils. New research shows that cinnamon and peppermint may curb driver fatigue, increase alertness and ease frustration behind the wheel.

While it was long known that the scents of peppermint and cinnamon boost alertness, Bryan Raudenbush, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at West Virginia’s Wheeling Jesuit University, decided to test this in a simulated driving experiment.

Here’s what he discovered: Peppermint has the power to decrease anxiety and fatigue while driving, and both peppermint and cinnamon decrease driving frustration and increase alertness.

Best results come from stimulation directly to the nose—while gum and mints produce similar effects, the scent part is diminished when it’s delivered through the mouth.

So the next time you get cut off on the highway or stuck in gridlock, rub one of these remedies on your dashboard or whip out your inhaler and take a deep breath.

You can find peppermint oil here.

You can find cinnamon leaf oil here.

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