How To Make Your Own Headache Pillow

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With the holidays upon us and all the things we have to do get ready, it can get overwhelming (especially when you have to deal with all the family members!). Unfortunately, headaches are a part of life and they are do to the fact that we are moving at a pace that is not natural so we either throw something out of alignment, or, we become overloaded with stress.

All too often many people resort to aspirin or over the counter drugs which wreak havoc on the body. But a headache pillow is a great way to ease your suffering because you inhale the natural herbs and oils in your sleep and will wake up refreshed without having to take pharmaceuticals.

For this pillow, you are going to need:

  • 1 cotton dish towel (or any fabric of your choice)
  • 4 – 5 cups of rice
  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil


  • 1 cotton dish towel (or any fabric of your choice)
  • 4 – 5 cups of rice
  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Marjoram
You can find lavender oil here
You can find peppermint oil here
You can find clary sage oil here
*This also makes for a great gift idea!

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Can A Sore Neck Be Causing Your Headache?

A headache generally starts because you are either stressed out, or you may have a pinched nerve or tightness in your neck and shoulder areas.



In the chiropractic world they call this a “subluxation” which basically means that your spine is out of alignment. When this happens, throbbing pain is sent up the spine causing a headache.

When your back, shoulders, neck, and spine are sore or out of alignment, the result is a headache. If you can afford it, you definitely want to get a massage and see a chiropractor.

But for some of us, getting a massage can be too expensive. The good news is that there is a great product on the market that is called the Thera Cane.

The Thera Cane is a self-massage tool that allows you to pinpoint certain spots on your neck, shoulders, and back and get in there and do your own massage.

The great thing is that you do NOT have to be strong to get great use from it. You literally find a spot on your neck, back, and shoulders and add a little pressure and this will help release it.

Is it as good as getting a real massage?

Yes and no.

A real massage allows you to just lay down while someone does all the work.

But, a massage therapist sometimes won’t spend as much time as you want in a certain area and they can be VERY expensive. This product is a little less than $40.

Here is a demo:

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Some Foods Known To Trigger Migraines

According to the National Headache Foundation (NHF), almost 20 percent of those experiencing headaches and migraines can consistently identify a food trigger.

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MSG, found in fast foods and snack foods, is often cited as a culprit in migraine attacks.

Chocolate (note: this does not include raw cacao and is referring to chocolate that uses processed sugar and milk), red wine and aged cheese are other common triggers.

“These foods may cause chemical changes in the brain that activate the migraine attack process. That process involves excitability of nerves and reaction of the blood vessels,” says an NHF physician.

To maintain preventative migraine health, the NHF stresses the importance of eating healthy meals on a regular schedule and not skipping meals.

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Butterbur Can Help Alleviate Migraines

A recent study of butterbur in the journal Neurology showed promising results in migraine prevention for this herb: patients in the study showed a 48 percent reduction in migraines when given two 75 mg tablets of butterbur per day.

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One of the main ingredients in this herb, petasin, is said to reduce inflammation and may thereby prevent the swelling that leads to migraines.

Butterbur (petasites hybridus) is a native shrub of Europe, North America, and Asia that has been used by herbalists for centuries. Modren scientific studies have demonstrated that Butterbur supports healthy blood flow to the brain and healthy neurological function.

Petasins, the active constituents in Butterbur, have been shown to play a role in minimizing the frequency and severity of neurological discomfort triggered by bright lights and stress that occasionally occurs in healthy individuals. In addition, Butterbur may help to maintain balanced seasonal immune responses.

You can find some here.

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Try Acupuncture For Your Headache

A recent study in the Journal of Internal Medicine concluded that acupuncture was effective in preventing migraine headaches.

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The premise of acupuncture, based on 2,500 years of Chinese medical tradition, holds that energy, or chi, circulates along specific meridian points on the body; hair-thin needles are inserted along meridian lines to balance and restore energy.

Some research indicates that acupuncture may affect the central nervous system, increase circulation and increase endorphins—all of which can act as a balm for migraine sufferers.

The individual therapist determines the actual acupuncture points for a specific patient, but a typical puncture site for migraines is the area between the thumb and forefinger, and the insides of the ankles.

Though acupuncture points are generally painless, I have noticed that a looming migraine causes increased tenderness in these areas.

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Can Biofeedback Help Your Migraine?

There is nothing worse then when you get a migraine headache and it hinders your ability to do much of anything. But can biofeedback help alleviate headaches?

A surprisingly simple technique to learn and administer, biofeedback is a favorite at the nationally recognized Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago to help their clients deal with their migraine headaches.

Utilizing sensors placed on the body, biofeedback teaches a patient to monitor bodily functions like muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure.

As the patient watches the feedback from the sensors on a monitor, she learns how to control her body’s response—techniques she can implement later in the early stages of a migraine to promote muscle relaxation and lower blood pressure, both of which contribute to migraine pain.

To find a biofeedback practitioner in your area, you will need to search google for “biofeedback practitioner + your city”

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