Can Biofeedback Help Your Migraine?

There is nothing worse then when you get a migraine headache and it hinders your ability to do much of anything. But can biofeedback help alleviate headaches?

A surprisingly simple technique to learn and administer, biofeedback is a favorite at the nationally recognized Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago to help their clients deal with their migraine headaches.

Utilizing sensors placed on the body, biofeedback teaches a patient to monitor bodily functions like muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure.

As the patient watches the feedback from the sensors on a monitor, she learns how to control her body’s response—techniques she can implement later in the early stages of a migraine to promote muscle relaxation and lower blood pressure, both of which contribute to migraine pain.

To find a biofeedback practitioner in your area, you will need to search google for “biofeedback practitioner + your city”

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