Butterbur Can Help Alleviate Migraines

A recent study of butterbur in the journal Neurology showed promising results in migraine prevention for this herb: patients in the study showed a 48 percent reduction in migraines when given two 75 mg tablets of butterbur per day.

migraine headaches


One of the main ingredients in this herb, petasin, is said to reduce inflammation and may thereby prevent the swelling that leads to migraines.

Butterbur (petasites hybridus) is a native shrub of Europe, North America, and Asia that has been used by herbalists for centuries. Modren scientific studies have demonstrated that Butterbur supports healthy blood flow to the brain and healthy neurological function.

Petasins, the active constituents in Butterbur, have been shown to play a role in minimizing the frequency and severity of neurological discomfort triggered by bright lights and stress that occasionally occurs in healthy individuals. In addition, Butterbur may help to maintain balanced seasonal immune responses.

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