7 Health Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know About

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Have you ever taken the time to read the labels on these expensive products you find that help cure some form of ailment? Well most of them have one of these seven ingredients. What many consumers do not realize is that you can get these ingredients yourself wholesale and save a ton of money!

1. Ashwagandha – This popular Asian herb helps with sleep and insomnia issues. Instead of buying products that market themselves as “sleep aids”, just buy this main ingredient. It will last you much longer!

2. Pomegranate Juice or Tomatoes – Most of the heart health products have pomegranate or lycopene which comes from tomatoes. Drink a glass of pom juice or eat one organic tomato a day and you are good to go!

3. Goji Berries – These little red berries from the Himalayas are loaded with antioxidants and help the body absorb iron.

4. Sandalwood Essential Oil – You can instantly relieve stress, anxiety, and depression with sandalwood essential oil.


5. Ground Cardamom Spice – This yummy spice aides and assists with stomach related issues such as gas, bloating, or tummy aches.

6. Sea Buckthorn – Want to reverse aging, have glowing skin, or remove stretch marks? Sea buckthorn oil will do the trick! This is what most anti-aging cream companies don’t want you to know about!

 7. Neem Oil – The next time you get a rash or or wound on your skin just put a little neem oil on it. Neem has also been known to help people with psoriasis, eczema, scabies and other skin issues. The next time you read any of those products that help with these ailments, most of them will show neem as the active ingredient.

Do you love spa products but hate how expensive they are? Did you know that you can make these items yourself at home and save hundreds of dollars (or make money by selling your own products)? We recently found a complete guide to creating spa products using essential oils that you can find here as well as a guide to creating your own high-end candles that you can find here.

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