10 Ways To Unclutter Your Mind

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Have you ever noticed how so many of us dream of being on an island? This image we have is just a state-of-being. It’s a symbol that represents how we want to feel.

It seems as we get older life gets faster and things are moving at a pace that can feel a bit overwhelming. With the holidays here this can feel even more so.

Here are 10 ways to unclutter your mind:


1. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, just stop and take 5 breaths. Close your eyes, and when you open them pretend you are hitting the restart button.

2. Accept what is happening in the moment and go with the flow instead of fighting it

3. Be kind to yourself and never judge the situation.

4. Release your fear and trust that no matter what you will be okay.

5. Let go of trying to control the situation. This can just make things worse.

6. Ask yourself what is most important right now. Then visualize this.

7. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. None of us are perfect.

8. Look for what is not working for you and then let it go.

9. Smile and think of something that makes you happy.

10. Remember your inner child when everything was about “playing” and come from this state of being/mind.

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